The missing puzzle piece in your supply chain tech stack

Jun 22, 2020  |  2 min read

Until now, digital supply chain technology has focused on two core needs: planning and execution. Companies can select from a diverse set of planning solutions to drive increasingly complex S&OP processes. Execution-focused software like OMS, WMS and TMS systems are standards in executing on these plans. But supply chain leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the results of the status quo.

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5 key criteria for efficient retail analytics

May 26, 2020  |  5 min read

Using point-of-sale and e-commerce data to understand true demand and share insights with retailers can help your brand stand out among the dozens of suppliers vying for a buyers' attention. However, implementing an effective solution to take advantage of all the sales, inventory, and forecast data that retailers make available—in a timely manner—is not a simple “one size fits all” decision.

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Buying software that doesn't fit in a category: Key questions to ask

Mar 9, 2020  |  4 min read

So you’ve come across a software vendor that seems to solve your exact challenge, congratulations! The only problem is it’s an innovator in an emerging category without clear buying criteria. Looking at current features and functionality will only get you so far, painting an incomplete complete picture of what it will really be like to partner with them and whether you’ll achieve the promised benefits.

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Buying software in an emerging category: the buying process

Jan 12, 2020  |  5 min read

We get it, your needs are unique. And while today you’re stuck using nightmarish spreadsheets or software with a buffet of plug-ins, you know there must be a better way to solve the problems holding back your business.

So what do you do? Take a chance on a new tool with a new vendor and unproven value? Tread water into generi-ware that you pour hours and dollars into customizing, or continue waiting while an in-house solution gets developed?

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Alloy selected by Valvoline to enable demand-driven supply chain

Nov 21, 2019  |  2 min read
Leading-edge solution to unlock new insights and opportunities and strengthen retail relationships

Valvoline, a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services, is implementing Alloy’s enterprise supply chain solution. We proved to Valvoline that our platform can successfully replace legacy tools — providing substantially better visibility, reporting, analytics, and alerting — and swiftly scale the capability across retailers and Valvoline Instant Oil Change Centers. 

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Guest opinion: The best retail solution for brands that I have seen, hands down

Oct 2, 2019  |  4 min read

Jennifer Freyer has been in the retail technology sector since 1993. For 10 years she worked in sales, account management and training for EDI and UPC catalogue solutions. The past 15 years, she has been focused on POS reporting and analysis solutions, directing sales, marketing and client consulting, while speaking and working with industry thought leaders to drive best practices and adoption. She was a member of GS1 US POS data sharing group and spoke at the GS1 Connect conference. She has also spoken and participated in multiple retail industry conferences and trade shows. 

UPDATE 11/25/19: We're excited to share that Jennifer is bringing her industry expertise to the Alloy team!  While her opinion is now admittedly a bit more biased, this article was written prior to any hiring discussions, and it's still a great read on why brands should invest in a modern solution to maximize the value of your POS data.

Consumer retail data. Point of sale data. Inventory data. Online versus brick-and-mortar data. Customer trend data. We know we need it, we want it, and we are now able to get access to more than we ever have before. 

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