Eating big data for breakfast: A “Supply Chain Now” interview

Apr 13, 2020  |  5 min read

Since its start in 2017, Supply Chain Now Radio has become the leading channel for supply chain news and thought leadership. Alloy Regional Sales Director Tom Jones recently sat down with hosts Greg White and Scott W. Luton for an episode of its flagship “Supply Chain Now” podcast.

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A demand framework for COVID-19 from crisis response to the new normal

Mar 30, 2020  |  7 min read

In an MIT briefing on The Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Supply Chain last week, professor Yossi Sheffi recommended that one of the actions companies should start taking right now is “plan for the recovery.” I agree with the need to start thinking longer-term now, but is it really as simple as recovery? Someday, hopefully soon, the crisis will be “over” and the world will return to normal?

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When crisis hits: Use real-time visibility to continuously optimize supply

Mar 13, 2020  |  4 min read

Black Swan events are by their nature, impossible to predict, and thus horribly difficult and expensive to defend against. To credibly prepare against every possible scenario, you would need to take a very wide range of precautions. Unfortunately, these “rare occurrences” also seem to be happening with greater frequency, and their impacts much more far-reaching. When you consider how connected and vast our global supply chains are, relatively small, unpredicted events can have significantly exaggerated impacts on activities downstream. 

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Buying software that doesn't fit in a category: Key questions to ask

Mar 9, 2020  |  4 min read

So you’ve come across a software vendor that seems to solve your exact challenge, congratulations! The only problem is it’s an innovator in an emerging category without clear buying criteria. Looking at current features and functionality will only get you so far, painting an incomplete complete picture of what it will really be like to partner with them and whether you’ll achieve the promised benefits.

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What happens in a startup year

Feb 14, 2020  |  4 min read

Twelve months can feel like two years at a successful startup —and that’s a good thing! The business moves so quickly, product enhancements happen at such a rapid pace, and new team members are added so regularly, it can be a whirlwind experience.

For Alloy in 2019, that meant doubling our number of customers, doubling our team size, and making significant progress toward connecting the end-to-end supply chain to increase collaboration and efficiency. We continually iterated on our product and business, and learned many valuable lessons that have enabled us to better serve consumer brand manufacturers. We invite you to reflect on these accomplishments with us and get a glimpse into what happens in a startup year.

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An interview with Manfred (Manny) Reiche, Client Solutions

Jan 19, 2020  |  7 min read


Manfred (Manny) Reiche is the Data Operations Manager at Alloy. He joined the Client Solutions team over one year ago, after spending two years at Deloitte as a technology consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.


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