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Jan 2, 2020  |  3 min read

We’re really happy to introduce three key additions to our go-to-market team over the past few months. Jennifer and Melody represent Alloy’s expansion both geographically and as a market leader—both are located on the East Coast and come from industry incumbents that Alloy has competed against and displaced at customers. Jacqueline is leading a new Solutions Consulting function focused on demonstrating the technical and business value of our platform even prior to implementation.

Learn more about them below!

Jennifer, Mid-Market Account Executive

JenJennifer Freyer joins Alloy in Atlanta, GA to serve mid-sized brands located in the central US and Canada. She has worked in solutions consulting, sales, and marketing for retail data solutions for over 20 years. Based on her broad experience, she recently shared her views on the best retail solution for brands (which led her to us!).

Jennifer began her career selling retail EDI and UPC catalogue solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Most recently, she was a sales and marketing executive at Accelerated Analytics, a point-of-sale reporting tool. Her expertise is helping brands scope out and implement best practice solutions to grow sales, maximize customer satisfaction, enhance retailer relationships, reduce supply chain costs, and outpace competitors. She has consulted with industry thought leaders to drive technology adoption and presented at multiple retail industry conferences and trade shows. 

When not thinking about how to help brands increase sales, Jennifer enjoys tennis, golf, family trips, theme parks, game nights, cooking and entertaining. 

Jacqueline, Solutions Consulting Leader

JacquelineJacqueline Lowell has over 15 years' experience leveraging technology to drive business value across airlines, petrochemicals, retail financial services and defense, with a strong emphasis on deep analytics and modeling. She joins Alloy to help brands understand and measure the impact our platform can have on their bottom line.

Jacqueline spent seven years with Nomis Solutions, helping retail banks leverage price optimization to hit profit and volume goals. She connected her experience in consulting and product management to lead their Global Solutions Consulting team, which brought together data, predictive analytics, and software to meet real business needs.  

Jacqueline has a BBA in Computer and Information Systems from the University of Michigan and an MBA from London Business School. She hails from the Detroit area but currently resides in San Francisco.

Melody, Enterprise Account Executive

MelodyFor the past 10 years, Melody J Dickinson has helped consumer goods brands and retailers navigate the paradigm shift from using stale, latent data to quite literally “get up to speed” and win at shelf. On a journey that began during graduate research at MIT and continues today at Alloy, Melody is a trusted advisor for manufacturers seeking to gain competitive advantage by making faster, demand-driven decisions across sales, operations, and marketing.  

Melody joins the team from Philadelphia, PA as an Enterprise Account Executive working with Fortune 500 and large private brands. Before Alloy, Melody worked at legacy solution provider Retail Solutions, Inc. (RSi),  leading the North American Strategic Accounts team and coaching customers on how to best structure their implementations for success, from business case definition through value tracking.

Melody is enthusiastic about how technology builds resilience into supply chains, connecting readily available information to more easily identify and assess risk.  You will find her on the conference circuit, the comedic improv stage or training for an upcoming triathlon.

Look out for more from Melody here in the coming weeks, including her expert take on how the industry has evolved and why it’s time to make the switch from legacy reporting tools to the next generation of demand management platforms like Alloy.

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