Kano goes from deployment to new insights in two weeks

Feb 26, 2019  |  2 min read

When it comes to retail analytics, the most valuable insights are often hidden deep beneath the surface, at the store-by-store level. For that reason, creative technology leader Kano Computing turned to Alloy to help them analyze their channel point-of-sale and inventory data at a more granular level.

About Kano

CKT_Hero_Angle_Grey (Large)Kano is spearheading the creative movement in computer technology by delivering coding kits for “young people and the young at heart.” Its Harry Potter Coding Kit was one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018 and it was just named the #2 most innovative consumer electronics company in the world by Fast Company. The company is growing rapidly, and its sales and distribution network spans 5,000 physical stores, eCommerce platforms like Amazon, and their own website.

Kano has a dedicated, in-house data team that was aggregating the resulting volumes of data from all these sales channels, but they were still not able to analyze it as thoroughly as they wanted. The business team knew they needed to get from weekly to daily data to arrive at actionable insights, and that would have required a heavy investment in resources to handle that granular data.

Deployment and Immediate Benefits

After making the decision to bring on Alloy, the platform was up and running at Kano in just two weeks with minimal IT resources. Using pre-built retailer integrations, we began implementation on October 30 and were live on November 15th, just in time for the critical holiday season. The team entered Black Friday trained and ready to analyze their Q4 sales activities in depth and leverage near real-time data insights to maximize sales.

The first success came just after Black Friday when Kano was able to pinpoint the root cause of a decline in sales at one of their key retail partners that weekend. Thanks to new insight into daily inventories at the retailer’s distribution centers and stores, they traced it back to a specific problem in the replenishment model, which would’ve otherwise remained undetected.

With Alloy, executives and team members across sales, operations and marketing can take a fresh and more proactive approach to data and retail relationships. They use Alloy to effectively track store out-of-stocks, prioritize orders for fulfillment, monitor performance of different retailers, and closely track pricing activity. Vidal Meric, Kano’s head of revenue operations, says that thanks to Alloy, the company has been able to remove guesswork out of the equation and make better operational decisions.

For more details, please read the full case study on how Kano uses daily, store-level sell-through analytics from Alloy to drive sales and marketing.

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