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A demand framework for COVID-19 from crisis response to the new normal

Mar 30, 2020  |  7 min read

In an MIT briefing on The Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Supply Chain last week, professor Yossi Sheffi recommended that one of the actions companies should start taking right now is “plan for the recovery.” I agree with the need to start thinking longer-term now, but is it really as simple as recovery? Someday, hopefully soon, the crisis will be “over” and the world will return to normal?

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Case study: Increasing efficiency and improving collaboration

Nov 1, 2018  |  2 min read

Many of the brands we work with have a vision for how they want to use sales and supply chain insights to react with agility to changes in consumer demand, but they don’t always have the necessary tools to do so. This is the position that one of our clients, a consumer electronics hardware company, found themselves in when they first decided to bring on Alloy. 

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3 key themes from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Jun 14, 2018  |  4 min read

A few weeks ago, Alloy had the opportunity to attend and exhibit at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Fresh off the excitement of announcing our Series A funding, we were looking forward to the opportunity to hear the latest best practices and innovations happening in our industry.

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