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Guest opinion: The best retail solution for brands that I have seen, hands down

Oct 2, 2019  |  3 min read

Jennifer Freyer has been in the retail technology sector since 1993. For 10 years she worked in sales, account management and training for EDI and UPC catalogue solutions. The past 15 years, she has been focused on POS reporting and analysis solutions, directing sales, marketing and client consulting, while speaking and working with industry thought leaders to drive best practices and adoption. She was a member of GS1 US POS data sharing group and spoke at the GS1 Connect conference. She has also spoken and participated in multiple retail industry conferences and trade shows. 

Consumer retail data. Point of sale data. Inventory data. Online versus brick-and-mortar data. Customer trend data. We know we need it, we want it, and we are now able to get access to more than we ever have before. 

I have seen retail technology evolve immensely over the past 25 years, and I am excited about where these advances have taken us. Many companies have come up with new data technology solutions to help brands and retailers. Retailers are sharing more than ever, and are partnering with and counting on brands to bring them insights with all of this data at their disposal. But with all that advancement, there is still a learning and acceptance curve to select the best solutions, and find the best practices to use them. 

I recently had the opportunity to engage with Alloy. I am so impressed by their solution, their customer success focus, their incredible sales, marketing & on-boarding staff, their executive commitment to provide the best solution on the market, and the science they have used to build it. For years I have sold, consulted on, spoke about, and taught how to select and use data technology solutions for retail, and what Alloy provides is the best I have seen. Here’s why.

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