Alloy driving innovation in fashion & retail

Jun 19, 2019  |  2 min read

The Leading 100We’re excited to share that Alloy has been recognized on The Leading 100, a list of break-out technology start-ups driving innovation in fashion and retail! It’s an honor that highlights the importance of the industry’s digital transformation.

The research is prepared by The Lead, an industry group that focuses on the sweet spot in the fashion, retail and technology markets where innovation is shifting behavior and creating new business opportunities. They conducted an in-depth analysis into each company, including a detailed look at our innovation, market opportunity, media buzz, team, commercialization, competition & investor value creation. The result is a group of companies that The Lead believes collectively signals the future of the industry.

Alloy and Fashion

At Alloy, we’ve seen firsthand how innovation and modern technology can help apparel and footwear brands create new business opportunities. In the fashion industry, what consumers buy—and how they buy it—can change overnight. The consumer is moving faster than ever before, and brands need to keep up with the changing demands.

This need for speed is where Alloy excels. By automatically collecting and harmonizing retail data and applying predictive analytics, our platform enables teams to dramatically reduce the time it takes to understand and respond to demand changes.

For example, footwear-maker Soludos has used Alloy to increase its agility and work closely with buyers to tweak assortments, change distribution, or shift their promotion strategies as needed.

About Soludos

EspadrilleSoludos launched with a single espadrille, inspired by the traditional Spanish shoe. But the fast-moving company now offers hundreds of SKUs across multiple categories, including sandals and sneakers. Soludos has also more than doubled its number of wholesale channels over the past few years, reaching a wide consumer demographic through partners like Saks, Zappos, and Nordstrom.

With the growing complexity, Soludos struggled to stay on top of consumer demand trends. The sales team needed an analytics platform that could seamlessly wrangle cross-channel data and make it quick and easy to leverage for planning and decision-making.

Turning Data into Action

Alloy helps Soludos collect and analyze point-of-sale (POS) and inventory data, so they can identify and isolate sales trends quickly. The sales team is continually surfacing urgent and actionable insights to buyers and prepared to update plans based on current data. Account Managers are frequently first in line to approach their buyers with winning recommendations on Monday mornings.

As a result, they are taking control of the sales process and and capturing buyers’ attention. Backed by data, Soludos makes educated and convincing arguments to their retail partners that earn them more sales and a coveted position among a buyers’ small group of trusted suppliers.

Internally, the up-to-date sell-through data has fueled Soludos’ culture of experimentation. Comprehensive performance analytics from Alloy allow the team to better understand which products, locations, and channels are hot, and quantify the impact of any changes across a variety of metrics. The insights drive new product development, marketing decisions, and assortment optimization, down to style, size and color combinations.

Download the case study on how Soludos manages a growing number of products and retail partners with Alloy’s sales and operations platform. In the fast-moving fashion industry, every brand needs to have a full picture of end-consumer movements, not just seasonal sell-in.

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