New white paper exposes the gap between planning and execution

Jun 29, 2020  |  4 min read

Are your supply chain teams constantly firefighting, scrambling from one emergency to the next? COVID-19 is the most-recent dramatic example, but you’ve probably been fighting fires for decades.

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The missing puzzle piece in your supply chain tech stack

Jun 22, 2020  |  2 min read

Until now, digital supply chain technology has focused on two core needs: planning and execution. Companies can select from a diverse set of planning solutions to drive increasingly complex S&OP processes. Execution-focused software like OMS, WMS and TMS systems are standards in executing on these plans. But supply chain leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the results of the status quo.

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Using Test and Learn to optimize marketing amid day-to-day change

Jun 10, 2020  |  6 min read

As consumers start returning to stores again, will in-store promotions have the same impact as before? What will we use to replace sampling? And how will we know if new marketing tactics are effective?

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5 key criteria for efficient retail analytics

May 26, 2020  |  5 min read

Using point-of-sale and e-commerce data to understand true demand and share insights with retailers can help your brand stand out among the dozens of suppliers vying for a buyers' attention. However, implementing an effective solution to take advantage of all the sales, inventory, and forecast data that retailers make available—in a timely manner—is not a simple “one size fits all” decision.

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Coronavirus and humble pie: Sticking to what we’re hearing from brands

Apr 29, 2020  |  5 min read

A recent Wall Street Journal article on the emerging Coronavirus consumer quotes Unilever CEO Alan Jope saying, “There is no such thing yet as a new normal. Businesses and commentators who have professed too much wisdom and insight on what the world will look like on the other side of coronavirus have come to eat humble pie.”

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Eating big data for breakfast: A “Supply Chain Now” interview

Apr 13, 2020  |  5 min read

Since its start in 2017, Supply Chain Now Radio has become the leading channel for supply chain news and thought leadership. Alloy Regional Sales Director Tom Jones recently sat down with hosts Greg White and Scott W. Luton for an episode of its flagship “Supply Chain Now” podcast.

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